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TRS Ribbons supplies everything you need to enable you to make your own rosettes, whether as a full time business or a paying hobby.

When we say “Everything you need for making rosettes”, we really mean it. A 'One Stop Shop' where you can get every piece required to make rosettes with very fast service and delivery. Even at the height of the season. Feel free to download a copy of our order form.

Take a look at our product range page, if you can't see exactly what you're looking for contact us, we are always happy to help. 

Our Products

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Cut Edge Acetate Satin is the traditional ribbon most commonly used for rosette production. It is a lightweight fabric that is easy to cut and pleats very well ….
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Pleated Ribbon

Box 3 Pleating. This pleat style is sometimes referred to as the 'Elizabethan ruffle'. It is a luxurious pleat which uses over five metres of flat ribbon to produce one metre ….
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Printed Ribbon

If you just want "CHAMPION" printed on a single tail, that's not a problem. We don't have a minimum order quantity for printing standard text on tails. As you will see ….
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We can provide sashes for any purpose from 1 to 10,000. We offer fast service, and often same day delivery is available. We can print any style to meet your ….
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Ribbon Awards

Ribbon awards are huge in the US. Google ‘Ribbon Awards USA’ and see just how widespread they are. Great for children’s participation awards at school sports days, low cost swimming awards ….
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Medal Ribbon

Medal ribbons come in many forms: swimming clubs may want the most economical ribbon possible, and buy a roll of acetate ribbon foiled in gold. They cut the ribbon to ….
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Conical Rosettes

We also offer conical rosette supplies, which are readily available from stock. Over several years we have experimented with lots of ways to make conical rosettes, including polystyrene, drinking cup bottoms ….
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