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Cut Edge Acetate Satin Cut edge acetate is the traditional ribbon most commonly used for rosette production. It is... Read More

Pleated Ribbon

Box 3 Pleating This pleat style is sometimes referred to as the 'Elizabethan ruffle'. It is a luxurious pleat... Read More

Printed Ribbon

If you just want "CHAMPION" printed on a single tail, that's not a problem. We don't have a... Read More


We can provide sashes for any purpose from 1 to 10,000. We offer fast service, and often same... Read More

Ribbon Awards

Ribbon awards are huge in the US. Google ‘Ribbon Awards USA’ and see just how widespread they are. Great... Read More

Medal Ribbon

Medal ribbons come in many forms: swimming clubs may want the most economical ribbon possible, and buy a... Read More

Conical Rosettes

We also offer conical rosette supplies, which are readily available from stock. Over several years we have experimented with... Read More

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Website Facelift

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Thanks for checking out our new web site.

Hopefully you will find it easy to navigate through to the information you want. If you are having trouble or something is not working please let me know, eddie@trsribbons.co.uk.

New this year we have our ‘bright and cheerful’ ribbon range. Ths ribbon has been a great success and we are planning some special Haloween and Christmas ribbons. The instructions for making a 'supersize' rosette are attached. If you are asked to make a giant rosette just follow the instructions. Don’t under estimate the time when you give a price. We had all the gear to hand, and this one still took one and a half hours.

The little ribbon awards have done better this year. These ribbons are sold in millions in the USA and should be a really good earner here. Have another look at the awards photo attached. These will sell well for you if you give them a try.

The next new item is the variety of new borders we can use for your rosette centres. Check out the page with examples ‘border variations’. As well as a rope and jagged effect we have put on a horse border as an example to show you what is possible. We can design a specific border for you. Oval and shield shapes can also be done.

Help and support is available for every stage of your rosette making. We are a family business, you can speak with the owners, or you are welcome to visit us and see first hand how we work.

Bright and Cheerful Rosettes

The latest addition to the TRS Ribbons range is our ‘Bright and Cheerful’ ribbons, a beautiful selection of new patterns in bright colours . You select the colours and print pattern that you require and we can provide you with beautiful pleated printed ribbon and printed ribbon tails for making your unique rosettes. This is a great way to enhance your rosettes and make them stand out from your competitors at a low price. You can even just put in one row of printed ribbon between the other 2 tiers to enhance your design and brighten up the rosette. Simple, Smart & Affordable!

Simple, Smart & Affordable!
Click here to Download the Bright and Cheerful Ribbon PDF

This is an ink printed range, and as an introduction it is currently only available on white ribbon. However, if there is demand we will introduce additional designs

Ribbon Awards

An affordable alternative to rosettes as awards for competitions, shows, stock placings, participation or simply as gifts. The awards have a multitude of uses from bookmarks to prizes.

The design is easily personalised to your exact requirements.

In the US, ribbon awards are incredibly popular and commonly used for fundraiser's, church groups, sports clubs, horse shows, wedding favours, stock place awards, Mother's Day gifts and more. The list really is endless. For more design ideas and uses for ribbon awards please take a look at the following website:

Just Award Medals

(The use of rainbow foil on this site gives the awards a new look)

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