Design Assistance

Customers often ask us for ideas for 'something different' for special occasion rosettes, such as for club centenaries or championship shows. Many years of experience of supplying the trade helps us to make suggestions that are both economic and profitable. Rosettes using printed ribbons, printed in up to 5 colours can look stunning, but take no longer to manufacture. Use of luxury velvet ribbons really makes a rosette special, as can star points and full colour centre boards.

Our artwork service will do the technical bits needed to make the printing blocks for the rosette centres. We can handle most commercial files types and we have scanning facilities for taking an image from club literature etc. The aim is to provide you with a hassle free service.

Multi-colour centres are becoming increasingly popular, and we can even produce the files for you to print the centres on an inkjet or laser printer at home. Whatever you need, just ask!

We make it simple... for you to make rosettes!

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